I am not a human being
Uhh, pussy footing like shit
Pop all the balloons and spit in the punch
Yeah, kush and the blunts
I ride through your block see a foot in the trunk
I don’t know why they keep playin
I better replay ’em
Giving them the blues Bobby “Blue” Bland
Together we stand and fall on y’all
Ballin’ with my bloods, call it b-ball

These days ain’t shit Young Money is
Got mars bars three musketeers
Come through coupe same colour as veneers
And you know I’m riding with the toast, cheers!
Now I’m back on my grizz
And y’all’s a bunch a squares like a motherfucking grid
Shit fuck with me and get hit
Shhh-t I finger fuck the nina make the bitch have kids
Just do it my nigga I just did
Name a motherfucker deeper than me bitch dead
Ya dig, this here is big biz and I scream fuck it
Whoever it is

I am the rhyming oasis
I got a cup of ya time
I won’t waste it
I got my foot on the line I’m not racing
I thank God I am not basic
I am not basic
I am not a human being

Uhh, rockstar baby
Now come to my suite and get lockjaw baby